MCA Foundation -- Beef on Every Plate

Montana Cattlemen's Association Foundation for Research, Education and Endowment has launched "Beef on Every Plate" to help Montana residents who are in need of food assistance.

One in seven Montanans struggle with hunger; one in five children in Montana live in households that struggle with hunger.  USDA reports 11.5% of Montana households are "food insecure" and often skip meals or go to bed hungry, including the elderly and young children.  Many on fixed incomes, single mothers, and the working poor simply cannot afford to purchase quality meat to feed their families. 

As cattle producers, we always have beef in the freezer.  Unfortunately, this is a luxury that too many Montanans do not share.  The need is overwhelming!

If you wish to donate a cow, bull, or steer, please call the Montana Cattlemen's Foundation office 406-930-1883 to make arrangements. For those who do not own cattle, cash donations are also needed to help pay for costs associated with processing the beef.

Montana Cattlemen's Foundation works with the Montana Food Bank Network and others to distribute the hamburger throughout the state. The meat we have delivered so far through this program has been greatly appreciated. With help from folks like yourself, we have been able to supply nearly 239,000 meals since we launched this program!

With your help we can provide assistance to our neighbors in need.

For more information or to make arrangements to donate an animal, please call:

Sharon McDonald - 406-930-1883

Cash donations may be mailed to the MCA office:

MCA Beef on Every Plate
PO Box 536
Vaughn, MT  59487

Montana Cattlemen's Foundation for Research, Education and Endowment is a non-profit tax-exempt charitable foundation organized under IRS tax code Section 501(c)(3). All of your contributions are fully deductible.  There are no administration costs, so 100% of your donation goes to this program!

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